I haven’t posted since November! As a quick update, I have been focusing exclusively on the novel. I am writing a lot of source material for it as I go, just to generally fill out the world. Much of it will never see the light of day, except maybe as some kind of world guide. I am even drawing pictures! I’ve hit some kind of critical mass where the world is just building itself naturally, and the story along with it. Still waiting to get some critiques back from my test readers (ahem…). Hopefully this first rewrite is better than the rough draft! I mean, I know it is, but it’s still a worry that never dies. I am working on chapters 9 and 11 this weekend.
Oh, and I found myself having to re-order chapters because one of them grew way out of hand. I had to chop it up and spread it out a bit, which means moving chapters around. I hate that part, because then I have to reread everything closely to make sure there are no anachronisms. Pain in my ass!

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