Vacation Time With Zombies

I am going to be taking some time off in July from my day job to work on the novel. I lack around 30k words, and I think I can hammer the bulk of that out in a 9 day stretch! It ain’t gotta be pretty, it just has to be finished. If I do it that way, that shaves 6 months from my self-assigned deadline of “end of the year”.

Then I can start the rewrites.

Right now I am working on a Singularity Age story in which Krug finds himself on an Apocalypse World. Hmm, Apocalypse World… What an interesting concept. I took your classic zombie movie and extrapolated it out as an event (called an Apocalypse Event… I am nothing if not straightforward!) that happens sometimes on human worlds. I have found that the high science fiction genre allows a lot of opportunity for different kinds of Apocalypse Events.

It’s zombies. In space.


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