To the Bitter End

I am not yet publishing, but there are a few truths about the business of writing that I have learned. One of the big ones is persistence. Actually, stubbornness might be a better word. When I let my friends read the first draft of The Gnostic, the responses were less than stellar. One said something along the lines of, “I don’t see how you’re going to turn this into a novel.” I was bitter for a couple of minutes, but this was the feedback I needed. I completely rewrote the first Gnostic novel over the next two years.

I am now on the final draft, and while it may not be The Old Man in the Sea, I think it qualifies as a novel. Hell, it might even sell.

People will tell you how hard it is to make it. I wonder, though, how many failed authors gave up after one novel? I’ve met a few of those, and they are chock full of advice. I figure it’s a bad idea to take advice from someone who has failed in the arena, though. All too many people give up after the first book doesn’t sell. I expect my first one, The Gnostic, won’t do well at first, if it ever does. Writing it was not a waste, as I have learned a huge amount in the process.

Regardless, I don’t intend to stop. I will either make it as an author, or I will die with a lot of unsuccessful books to my name.

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