To Ad or Not To Ad

I have been considering including paid advertising to the site, like Google’s AdSense.  I think I have decided to hold off on that until I get more traffic, if at all.  I guess it comes down to where I intend to make money off of my writing.  The purpose of this site is to showcase my work and give fans a central place to follow my activities.  If I were looking to be a blogger by trade, that would be a different story, but I am not (yet!).  My goal is to make money initially from book sales, and a little from magazine/journal publication.  I am fairly far off from the former, and waiting for the latter.  I am also doing some contest entry writing, but you can’t live off of that.  No, right now the goal is to write the novel and develop a respectable volume of short stories, with some short story publication.

So, no, I am not doing any online advertising just yet!  Besides, it would junk up the place.  But I am thinking about it…

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