The Future of Publishing is Here

This morning I ran across a recent article by Bruce McQuain titled The Democratization of Publishing. This is what I’ve been saying to any friends that will listen for the past couple of months! This is the business model I intend to utilize to sell my books. Inside the traditional publishing world the writers make vry little money, and what they do make comes from advancements, royalties, and speaking fees for conferences. I have been told by numerous writers that the speaking fees are where they make their money. Really? Become a writer so I can, what..? Become a self-help speaker (and many of them come across that way!) Because that’s what industry “insiders” keep telling me.

No, I do not think so. I am not in this so I can wander around giving writing advice to people who would be better off working it out for themselves by simply practicing writing.

Ready yourselves for the rise of the hermit-writers!

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