State of the Novel

So I am halfway through Book One of The Gnostic, and am writing on chapter 26.  It’s coming along really well!  The characters are starting to make their own decisions now, which is a combination of cool and weird.  My technique does not have me agonizing over words as I write; they just sort of flow on their own, and I read them afterwards to decide if I want to keep them or not.  Sometimes I am surprised by what a character says or does, and it literally feels unnatural when I try to make them do something that doesn’t fit them.  It’s a strange process.

I have not been doing much writing outside of The Gnostic; mostly just vignettes involving characters in the novel to flesh them out.  I have put a lot of thought towards novels in my Singularity Age universe, and even outlined one.  After I am done with Book One I intend to get started on the rough draft for the first Singularity Age novel.  I probably won’t finish it, with Book Two of The Gnostic being the priority, but it will be a nice change of scenery for me.

As an aside, I started using a spreadsheet for developing my chapter outlines.  It works really well for that!


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