Singulary Age – The K’Petch Hegemony and Humanity

The whole of Human occupied space contains around 17,000 FTL accessible worlds within 100 light years of the one singularity humanity has access to, and what scientists guess to be a few hundred Void Worlds in the surrounded STL region.  In comparison the K’Petch hegemony controls at least twenty such singularity gates of varying strength throughout the galaxy, as well as an estimated million stars.  This includes the holdings of at least a dozen separate alien species within the Hegemony under the direct authority and control of the K’Petch.  It is rumored that many of these servitor species were actually genetically designed by the K’Petch themselves to serve.  Most of the servitor species are insectile, just as their K’Petch masters.

K’Petch society is organized as a heirarchical structure emulating ant or bee collectives, with each collective falling directly under a higher level control collective.  Therefore plantary collectives fall under the authority of solar collectives, and solar collectives fall under the auspices of a regional collective.  Human experts debate whether or not communication between these heirarchies is instantaneous even across interstellar distances;  no humans have actually met a K’Petch individual, and deal instead with members of one of the servitor races.  It is very possible that the whole of the K’Petch race is singularly a massive group mind spread across the galaxy.  Another subject of intense debate amongst human xenosociologists and xenobiologists is the question of individual K’Petch indentity.  It is not known if the hive-minded aliens are individually sentient or unintelligent members of a larger gestalt sentience.

Human contact with The Hegemony is handled exclusively on the K’Petch side of the one gate Humanity has access to.  While numerous other alien races pass through K’Petch space and the gate into Human space for trade purposes, they do so only under the auspices of he K’Petch, who do allow a good deal of trade along tightly controlled routes.  It was feared early on that Humanity would be enslaved by their insect neighbors on the other side of the gate, and the concern is still there, but to date the K’Petch have shown no inclination to do so.  The reason for this stance is still unknown on the Human side of the gate, and is subject to constant speculation.

The rules for navigating K’Petch space are as strict as the punishments are severe.  Vessels are restricted to following tightly controlled and monitored routes, and no Human ship has ever been authorized to land on any but servitor species colonized worlds; K’Petch populated star systems are completely off-limits.  Humans are also limited to utilizing the one shared gate, and cannot even approach the one other singularity in the neighboring Hegemony space, let alone transit.  There are stories of humans negotiating passage through this other gate on alien vessels, but none of them have been confirmed.  Any deviation from regulation on Human passage restrictions results in immediate destruction of the offending ship without warning.  There have been no exceptions to this rule.

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