On Flesh Minions

The flesh minion is a strange and horrifying combination of the human and the spiritually corrupt.  There are some people who act as a natural conduit between the Chaos (also known as the Depths or the Outer Reaches), capable of channeling various forms of energy between both locales.  Most do not have any control over this ability, however, and are often subject to attempts at possession.  When an entity that normally exists within the Chaos does successfully initiate and maintain control over one of these unfortunates, it typically seeks out other humans with similar abilities, and tries to subject them to the same sort of control for its own retinue of servitor spirits.  This is how a Flesh Minion Cult is formed.  As these beings’ hold over their victim solidifies they inevitably begin to reshape the unwitting host’s physical body into something more fitting to their twisted psyches.  The process begins with simple self-mutilation involving scarification via branding and cutting, the adding of various piercings, and outright amputation.  The next stage usually begins with the grafting of additional limbs to the victim’s body, both from the human dead and animals.  These extra body parts soon take on a life of their own, and are functional in only a matter of days.  Eventually the demonic spirit’s hold becomes so powerful it is able to directly mold the human’s body into various shapes at will.  This is extremely torturous for the person involved, and the agony tends to drive what’s left of the human personality completely mad, if it isn’t already.  A fully developed Flesh Minion is a terrifying thing to behold.

The only discernable purpose of a Flesh Minion Cult is to grow, with no obvious goal beyond that.

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