My Intent

I have been thinking about what I am going to put up on this page, my deadlines, and longer term publishing, and have formulated a plan.  One week a month I will post a miscellaneous short story.  The next week I will post a short story in a serial about the popular character who first appeared in “Heresy, Blasphemy, and a Sword” named Bordon.  The third week I will post an episode in a second serial based on the character of Josh from “Locked and Loaded.”  The fourth week I will rest!  So three weeks out of the month I will be posting brand new work, and give myself some breathing room with the fourth.  The Greater Reality is starting to form itself nicely.

Then, after a serial finishes a story arc, I will merge the episodes into a book, initially available for download as an epub.

Thank you, Anne Starr, for inspiring me to do this!

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