Many Moons Ago

Was my last post really in January? It’s probably not good for a writer these days to not spend at least 34% of the day posting, tweeting, facebooking, myspacing (Is that still around?), etc. I know, I am as surprised as you at my slackerness!

So, to catch up whoever is reading this. I wrapped up the second to last draft of The Gnostic: Initiate, sent it to a copy editor to tell me how terrible a writer I am, and got it back a few weeks ago. I am going to finish it off as soon as I am done with the first draft of Locked and Loaded: Kill Shot. I am about 70% done with that, and it is insane!

And last, I now have a cover artist. Her name is Debra Sarkozy, and she is awesome. I will be working with her on all of my novels.

So that’s my semi-annual update. See you in 6 months. Keep it weird!

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