I Like the New Look

I like the cleaner look this theme has going on.  I think I will keep it!  I may change a few colors, and definitely the background image, but other than that this plays well.

I am almost done with the eighth episode of Locked and Loaded.  It took a while for me to decide where I wanted to go with things, but now that I have a set course it should be relatively easy writing.  That said, here’s a quick recap of the characters:

Josh, aka Tiburon – A drug fueled secret agent with a tendency towards sudden and extreme violence.

Lori, aka Libretta – Another drug fueled secret agent with a heroin addiction who likes to play with knives.  Big knives.

Dr. Andrea Wallace – A telepathic neurologist with lots of money and no conscience.  She might be a sociopath.

Dr. Tulk – An engineer for the Ketamine Conspiracy, he had his arm ripped off by a steroid fed cyborg gorilla.


And these are just the good guys!

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