How I Deal With Writer’s Block

There are about a billion ways to combat writer’s block, at least if Google, Yahoo, and Bing are to be believed.  They talk about things like exercise, working on something else, writing someplace different, and just about any other method you can think of.  I am fortunate in that I tend to write in strange genres.  New weird, slipstream, science fiction, etc., all have the singular advantage of not requiring a basis in the real world.  I can literally start writing random words and the story will form itself from the chaos.

Sometimes that’s exactly what I do.  I will throw down a sentence that sounds cool, without any thought given to context, story, world, and so on.  Literally, that’s my Rule of Cool standard; if it’s cool, I run with it.  Sometimes an entire scene will just write itself, ready to either be plugged into a larger story or to morph into a whole new story on its own.   I started “All That Glitters” this way, as well as “Pyramids” and “Locked and Loaded”.  That’s right, L&L started as just random writing with no goal or point, and now it’s one of my favorite storylines.  Most of my work starts with random writing.  The goals and purposes always seem to sort themselves out in the long run based solely on my Rule of Cool standard.

Like I said previously, these things tend to work themselves out.  Since I am not writing anything bound by the laws of physics, I have that kind of literary freedom.  Not having to write to a publisher’s taste is also very liberating.  If I want to throw decapitating a cybernetic gorilla into the mix, I have that kind of freedom.  So I did.

I can honestly say that should I ever become a “successful” author, I will be able to thank writer’s block for it. At any rate, random writing filtered through the Rule of Cool: It’s better than exercise!

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