I stated yesterday that John C Lilly’s Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer was the primary influence on Locked and Loaded.  Well, that’s not entirely true…  I thought about it a bit last night, and it’s really something like 30% Ghost In The Shell, 30% Programming and Metaprogramming, 30% Laine, and the rest is all me.  That puts it at roughly 60% influence from Japanese anime.  That’s funny to me because I’m not really all that into anime!  Still, these percentages will probably change is the series expands.  My Greater Reality universe has some strong gnostic elements that have not yet really come out in Locked and Loaded.  Maybe they never will, though.  One of my favorite aspects of the Greater Reality is the way very different narratives (Locked and Loaded, The Ruined City of Ur, Spots and Grin, All That Glitters, and my as of yet untitled novel-in-progress) exist side by side, and even overlap.  These stories each explore wildly varied aspects of the same world, and even read very differently from each other.  For example, All That Glitters has a much more supernatural pulp-noir feel to it, while The Ruined City of Ur is some sort of post-apocalyptic dark science-fantasy piece, and yet they easily occupy the same space in my mind.

I am not sure what that says about me.

At any rate, and speaking of influences, I just reread The Ruined City of Ur, and I used the phrase “ugly spirits”.  Yeah, I stole that from My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult’s song After The Flesh.  “Ugly spirits.”   I really like that phrase.  It doesn’t imply just evil, but a brutish and primitive sort of evil.  Evil spirits are bad, sure, but there’s a malevolent intelligence to them (at least to me).  Ugly spirits are scary, but also largely an unknown.  You can guess what an evil spirit is going to do, but an ugly spirit?  All you know is that they’re ugly, and that’s a Bad Thing.  Of course I could just be putting too much emphasas on a single word, too…

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