Change of Weather

One of the test readers for my novel pointed out that the weather changes from chapter to chapter, and is pretty erratic.  Hell, it’s downright random!  There’s another column to add to the chapter outline spreadsheet – Month and Weather.  LOL, the things you have no clue about how to do when you embark on writing your first novel.  On some level I honestly thought I might be able to write it from beginning to end without keep detailed notes.  Man, was I wrong!  Also, I found a feature in Word that tracks how long I spend editing each document.  All told the first and second drafts of The Gnostic – Initiate totals up to about 440 hours.  That is 11 five day 8 hour work weeks.  Basically 3 months of work to get just over halfway through the second draft.  Looking at it that way I figure if all I do is work on a novel (no day job), it’s reasonable to say that I can crank one out every six months.  I bet I can cut that in half, though, knowing what I know now, as a full time writer.  With the day job I figure I can do a novel in a year, year and a half.


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