Change of Plans

After doing a bit of research online on how other authors have done things, I have made a command decision.  Once I wrap up The Gnostic, Book One: Initiate, I will not release it into the wild.  I will immediately start working on Book Two: Disciple.  Once that is done I will put Initiate out on the market, and six to eight months later I will put Disciple out there.  The plan is to wrap up Book Three: Apostle and have it out about a year after I release Disciple.  The hardest part in all of this is going to be holding back on the first one, but several authors make a good point on this matter.  If I release the first book and it takes me two years to finish the second one, I stand to lose a lot of fans in the wait.  That said, I intend to have book two done in a year, but the best laid plans of mice and men…

Also, I am posting the Singularity Age short of the character Anamapola.  She’s a fun character to write, and the Singularity Age is big enough that I can introduce a huge variety of worlds and societies for her to mess with.  The story is called Enjoy the Porn.


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