Beyond the Black Rainbow – Dark Surreality

Critics largely gave this movie negative reviews, and it has 46% on Rotten Tomatoes, but I love Beyond the Black Rainbow.  It’s hallucinogen-fueled new age spiritualism gone horribly awry set in 1983 using 80’s visuals through modern film technique.  It has a really slow pace, but I keep wanting to see what comes next.  The dialogue is sparse but effective, and delivered with blunt madness by Michael Rogers.  The soundtrack is amazing, and really builds the tension with electronic buzz-drones.

This movie is a direct influence on Locked and Loaded.  It really takes the whole consciousness expansion thing in a dark direction.  I like the idea of guys like John C Lilly and Timothy Leary being right, but in ways they never expected.  That is a major theme throughout Locked and Loaded.

The movie uses a lot of context to explain things, but it is not subtle about it.  I like that.

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