Being Productive (Again)

I finished chapter eight, and am blasting into chapter nine of the novel’s rough. After some discussion with a friend, I will be switching it from first person POV to third person. That means eight chapters of revision, but it will definitely be worth it, I think. It gives me more room to bring the weirdness! That’s what this 4th of July weekend will be for me: writing, writing, and more writing. I’d like to wrap up chapter nine by Monday night.

So, a few days ago somebody asked me about my writing environment. I guess most writers sit in a quiet office and focus on the writing, maybe with some music playing softly in the background. Others, apparently, hang out at coffee shops all day looking all authory as they write and sip lattes. Not me. I sit on the couch in front of the TV with my laptop watching movies or TV shows. Sometimes sipping scotch. Seriously. If I were doing this full time, that’d be my entire day. Watching TV on the couch, writing in one or two hour bursts of creativity three or four times a day.

Sipping scotch.


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