On Writing Improvement

On writing improvement…  (Yeah, I’m the improvement guy…  The software is throwing an error on “On writing improvement”.  There is some sort of recursion in there…) When I go back and read some of my earlier works, I feel stupid.  Well, the guy I was when I wrote it was stupid.

The guy I am now hates him.  I hate him because his writing sucked.  No personality, stilted, and the ideas were only partially developed.  They were like the beta version of what I thought would be cool.  And some were the alpha version…
But that’s to be expected, I suppose.  Over at Kait Nolan’s website we see her blogging on writing being a “LONG HAUL GAME.”

She’s right, and I am just catching on to what that really means.  Back when I wrote those first stories I was only just conceiving of these worlds.  The Singularity Age and The Greater Reality mythos were only partially realized, and things were still very fuzzy back then.  It was only through the time spent developing these worlds that they could come into a more perfect clarity for me.  Terminology solidified, concepts become more fully formed, and storylines began to appear as I delved deeper.

Is it a creative process or a discovery process?  Is “creative” a synonym for “discovery”?  What would that say about God?

At any rate, I imagine that I am hated by my own future self.  He will be reading this post with all the loathing and contempt I am sure it will deserve.

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