“These may be many or one, depending on current states of consciousness in the single self-metaprogrammer. These may be personified as if entities, treated as if a network for information transfer, or realized as if self traveling in the Universe to strange lands or dimensions or spaces. If one does a further unification operation on these supraself metaprograms, one may arrive at a concept labeled God, the Creator, the Starmaker, or whatever.”

    – John C. Lilly, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer

This work was the primary inspiration for my Locked and Loaded series.  It was one of Lilly’s finest works before he started trying to convince the world that dolphins could speak English.  Not understand it.  Speak it.  It’s a funny thing about guys like Lilly and Tim Leary.  They started out objective and scientific, but as they experimented with these mind altering drugs they inevitably degenerated into new-age gurus, which is a theme embedded in the Locked and Loaded stories.  Is this a Bad Thing or a Good Thing?  Well, I did use the word “degenerated”…

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